Dorado Beach

A Comprehensive Review of Your Game

Our golf school programs are a great way to get your game moving in the right direction. You may choose from our 3-Hour Sessions to either focus on full swing or short game specifically, or our 2-Day Golf School with a comprehensive review of your game.

3-Hour Sessions
With our 3-hour sessions select from either our full swing session focused on building sound fundamentals to improve your ball striking consistency, or our short game session focused equally on the 4 key scoring shots of putting, chipping, pitching and greenside bunkers to help you lower your score. Sessions start at either 9AM or 2PM and are available for up to 4 players.
2-Day Golf School
Our 2-day golf school is designed to get your game moving in the right direction with 6 hours of instruction. Learn your tendencies and what you need to do to improve in key areas with equal full swing and short game focus. The program offers two half days of instruction and are available for up to 4 players from 9AM to 12PM.

Swing in the Right Direction with Golf Schools