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Top 4 Adventures in Puerto Rico for Thrill Seekers

Dorado Beach is the perfect home base to come back to when discovering the best of what Puerto Rico has to offer. The property is commonly referred to by guests and residences as “Nature’s Playground,” but that title extends across Puerto Rico. The island’s lush and luxurious coastline has plenty of opportunities for bliss, but for the restless adventurers, the next quest is only a short trip from our world-class resort. Beyond the gated property lines of the Dorado Beach Resort & Club lies an island with some of the most exciting adventures across land, sea, and sky. Here are our Top 4 Adventures in Puerto Rico for Thrill Seekers ranked from most accessible to most challenging.

4. Chase The Swell at East Beach

Surfing in Puerto Rico

If your thing is chasing the swell, there’s one beach that stands above the rest for surfers in Puerto Rico. East Beach is a place where beachgoers can relax on pure warm sands, and surfers can venture out to enjoy the surf all to yourself. East Beach is also home to Goodwinds, the resident watersports outpost. Goodwinds is owned and operated by Olympic windsurfer Karla Barrera and her husband, Phil Morstad. For more advanced surfers, Goodwinds offers guided and step off services beyond the outer reef where you can enjoy world-class breaks with overhead swells in the early mornings.

Surfers of all skill levels are welcome to catch waves. Beginners can learn the basics with short courses and fun clinics that help surfers of all disciplines ride waves in no time.

3. Cliff Diving at Cueva del Indio

The trip to Cueva del Indio on PR-681 can be a journey in itself for tourists who are unfamiliar with the narrow winding roads of Puerto Rico to Arecibo. Parking is limited here, although most locals nearby charge a small fee to park on their property. This prehistoric rock site situated in La Piedras touts incredible views and awe-inspiring photo opportunities. There are gems of this visit that do require a brief intermediate hike across rocky and occasionally slippery terrain. To access the ancient Taino carvings within the sea caves, you’ll have to take a moderate climb down a ladder to an immersive cove with semi-slippery limestone. A short trek that is undoubtedly worth it. Upon your visit, you may also be inclined to follow the lead of the locals and do some cliff jumping. Protip: the best place to cliff jump requires a short swim out to the massive pointed boulder.

2. Conquer The Monster at Toro Verde

This thrill-seekers’ guide starts 1,200 feet up in the air over the treetops of Oroccovis. Toro Verde Adventure is home to one of the largest ziplines in all of the Americas called “El Monstruo”. The Monster zipline shoots you 7,289 feet across an immense canopy of trees. The Monster isn’t just a doozy for those afraid of heights like Jimmy Fallon, who very reluctantly conquered The Monster. Zipliners fly like birds and travel through the air at top speeds that reach up to 95mph in some cases. The attraction is located less than 2 hours south of Dorado Beach down Highway 149.

1. Intense Caving at Rio Camuy Cave

Rio Camuy Cave

Make your way an hour west to Camuy to experience one of the most intriguing natural wonders in all of the Carribean. Get a guided tour to explore the 3rd largest underground cave system in the world which features a 150-foot sinkhole. Although the main caverns can get crowded during peak-seasons, there are over 200 caves to explore in Rio Camuey Cave park. If that wasn’t enough, the park reports that there are still 700 caverns that haven’t been explored. This leg of the trip is open to everyone, but there’s another side to Rio Camuy that isn’t for the faint of heart.

If hiking inside of a giant cave system sounds too run of the mill for you, don’t worry. Here’s an extreme excursion that you’re guaranteed never to forget. What if you could experience a full-day of rappelling, climbing, swimming, free-jumping, ziplining, and body rafting through a cave? If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Aventuras Tierra Adentro guides thrill-seeking adults who are in good shape through a physically demanding cave exploration. Aventura advises that “no experience is necessary, but participants must have good endurance, good balance, and coordination, know how to swim and be able to move at a fast pace.” Adventurers who accept the challenge get rewarded with a nature-driven adventure straight out of the movies to the untouched beauty of Angeles Cave. Trained and certified guides prepare you to maneuver past the many obstacles during a full day of exploration like you’ve ever experienced before.

No matter your appetite for adventure, Dorado Beach Resort is the perfect home base to begin and end your days in the Carribean. You’ll need more than a 3-day weekend to truly enjoy the endless thrills that Puerto Rico has to offer. Discover the best of what Puerto Rico has to offer at our luxurious Resort Residences, and reserve your tropical getaway today to embark on your adventure.

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