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Perfect That Golf Swing With TrackMan Tech at TPC Dorado Beach

Golf practice and player development are going through a period of incredible change, and technology is a central component in that transformation. The mapping of swing DNA is now possible, as is the quantification and comparison of swing feel vs. reality. Technology also empowers our Instructors to monitor swing changes over time. These are just a few compelling examples of how to unleash your talent more effectively with TrackMan Golfing Technology at TPC Dorado Beach.

What is TrackMan?

Many golfers have heard of TrackMan but very few know what it actually does (and doesn’t do). TrackMan uses the same military Doppler radar technology that tracks a missile in flight. Engineers in Denmark modified the missile tracking technology, producing a product capable of tracking a live golf ball in flight accurate to 1 foot per 100 yards--making TrackMan the most accurate radar technology on the planet. Trackman is used by over 100 PGA Tour professionals. It’s used by all major manufacturers to test their equipment and fit their players, and also by the USGA and PGA Tour to produce the majority of their statistics.

Trackman Dorado Beach

How It Works

A player hits a shot and TrackMan measures 26 individual parameters, giving the player valuable data regarding their flight and swing. This can exponentially improve a player's fundamental understanding of all the cause and effect relationships which exist in the golf swing. You can simply think of TrackMan as advanced diagnostics for your golf swing. TrackMan measures the club and ball data at 2000 frames per second and provides data that is impossible to precisely determine, even with high-res video cameras.

TrackMan Fitting at TPC Dorado Beach

All TrackMan fittings at TPC Dorado Beach are designed to determine your custom equipment specifications while being informative and educational along the way to maximize your playing potential. Through TrackMan, you can get fitted for putters, woods and irons, as well as driver optimization and wedge gapping. We offer a full range of fitting sessions to meet your needs and elevate your game.

TrackMan Performance - Take advantage of TrackMan combining a standardized test to see your strengths and weaknesses to instantly improve your on-course strategy or better focus your practice to lower your score.

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