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Melao by Mario Pagán Offers a New Dimension of Dining to Dorado Beach

Thick, dense and bittersweet, melao (molasses) has shaped the economy and lives of farmers, families, and distilleries of the finest rums in Puerto Rico and all Latin America. Traded long ago as “black gold”, this sticky by-product is extracted by boiling the juice of the sugar cane during refining harvests and has been a fundamental part of our cultural heritage rooted deep in cooking, tobacco flavor and rum production for centuries past.

Dorado Beach was once the land of a great sugar cane Hacienda, thus the given name of its golf clubhouse. A place with hidden secrets and long lost stories witnessed by the aging trees and underlying earth, we take inspiration from the sweeter side of Melao. Mixed into our music, song lyrics and slang, Melao represents all the fun and flavor that defines who we are as Puerto Ricans.

This is the ambiance we want you to share at our table. World-renowned Chef Mario Pagán combines unique flavors that will inspire your imagination as well as your palate. Pleasures evoked by dancing taste buds as you embrace the company and laughter of friends united. You too will become a “Corazón de Melao” (sweetheart) when Mario Pagán’s exquisite creations conquer your heart.

Born into a caring family, Mario Pagán spent his most cherished moments around the kitchen, mixed with spices, mouthwatering aromas and the loving care of his “mamá” and “abuela” (mom and grandma) who passed on to him the secrets that were the foundation of his excelling career. Many years ago, Mario was mentored by renowned Chef Alfredo Ayala at “Su Casa” restaurant in the original clubhouse here at Dorado Beach.

Now with his return as a proven culinary maestro, Mario Pagán is also the owner of two other extraordinary gastronomic hot spots: “Sage” and “Mario Pagán”, both in San Juan and is a graduate of the Johnson and Wales Culinary University. He is the co-author of two cooking books, has been a guest chef on Fox’s “The Next Iron Chef” and the James Beard House. He also stars in 34 episodes of his personal cooking show and has an extensive career spanning the globe. Dorado Beach is honored to welcome him back with Melao by Mario Pagán. Reserve your table now with OpenTable.

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