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Learn About Dorado Beach's Natural Wonders Through The Ambassador of the Environment Program

Since 2012, Dorado Beach Resort & Club has partnered with Jean-Michel Cousteau's Award-Winning Ambassadors of the Environment Program.

The program was developed over 15 years ago by Jean-Michel Cousteau, Dr. Richard Murphy, and the education team at Ocean Futures Society. There are only a few centers worldwide that offer these programs.

Designed for adults, families, and children, participants in Ambassadors of the Environment can discover Puerto Rico's natural wonders both on land and sea, including coral reefs, a diversity of birds, wetlands, and traditional Taino culture through exciting and memorable adventures and activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and exploring an archaeological site directly on property. Also featured in the program is the historic Rockefeller Trail originally conceived by Laurance Rockefeller in the 1950s to create a walkable, open-air sanctuary through the resort's lush surroundings.

Activities include (but are not limited to):

Be An Archaeologist For A Day: Learn and experience what it is like to be an archaeologist. After using discussions and games to explain what archaeology is, what methods archaeologists use, and who the Taíno were, guests will engage in a simulated “dig” and visit the Taíno museum on-property.

Kitchen-EcoChefs: Explore our Chef’s Garden. Learn about organic practices and discover vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Create tasty snacks using our solar ovens while learning about how food affects our health and our world.

Ambassadors of the Environment

Reef Adaptations: The reef holds much more than coral and fish! This snorkel excursion will explore plants, algae, and invertebrates. We will explore how they are adapted to their environment and ecologically connected to each other, how all communities are connected, and the connections between land and sea.

With such a vast array of ecological activities, one day just isn’t enough! Discover Dorado Beach Accommodations and experience all that we have to offer on our Golden Sands.

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