Golf Academy


We offer group clinics for events or any occasion. Choose 1-hour of either full swing or short game focus, or a 2-hour comprehensive program including both full swing and short game. Advanced reservations are required.9

1-Hour Clinic (4:1 Ratio)$45pp$50pp
1-Hour Clinic (6:1 Ratio)$40pp$45pp
1-Hour Clinic (8:1 Ratio)$35pp$40pp
1-Hour Clinic (10:1 Ratio)$30pp$35pp
Video Swing Analysis (Additional)$30pp$35pp


9Event Clinics require advanced reservations.  Event Clinic pricing based on a guaranteed student/instructor ratio.  Event Clinics are available in hour segments of either full swing or short game focus.  Clients may combine two hours to do both full swing and short game.  Video Swing Analysis is available at an additional per person cost and requires the purchase of a full swing event clinic.