Golf Academy

Our Philosophy

Whether you’re a beginning golfer or elite player, our team understands each individual has different physical abilities, knowledge, experience, learning styles and objectives. Therefore we strive to tailor your program based on your unique needs.

We believe anyone open to change can find lasting improvement with an appropriate development plan, quality coaching, and conscious practice. Our proven philosophy and holistic approach to developing and coaching players is supported by science and follows these simple steps:

  • Understanding your background, limitations and objectives.
  • Identifying and educating you on your tendencies, helping you understand how your faults affect your results and what you need to do to improve your consistency.
  • Prescribing specific personal practice, utilizing our proven training techniques, helping you develop and ultimately maintain your new skills.
  • Developing specific performance practice, allowing you to transition your new technical, tactical, mental, and physical skills to the golf course for better performance and greater consistency.
  • Periodic coaching as required to keep you on track with your development and performance goals.

Our team is experienced adapting and adjusting our holistic approach to your individual needs, giving you real opportunities to develop the skills you need to improve your game.

Our Team

Chip Koehike

Chip Koehlke

Director of Instruction

Chip Koehlke is a highly experienced PGA Professional, with 2013 marking his 30th year as a golf professional.  Throughout his career, Chip has used a simple coaching philosophy to improve each player’s consistency through the development of their technical, tactical, mental, and physical skills.  While Chip has applied his approach to successfully improve the performance of some of the best players in the world, he has also applied it to assist countless recreational and competitive amateur golfers achieve their objectives and improve their enjoyment of the game.  His tour proven experience coaching players on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, European and Asian Tours includes working with more than 20 players, winning more than 15 professional titles including the Women’s British Open.  He has been recognized as an elite instructor by The PGA of America, and served on the PGA National Educational Committee.   Additionally, he was nominated by both the North Florida PGA and Michigan PGA for Teacher of the Year and has been recognized in both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine as one of the top instructors in his region.  He has been published by noteworthy golf publications such as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, PGA Magazine as well as featured numerous times on the Golf Channel in the United States and United Kingdom.  In 2010, Koehlke relocated to Puerto Rico to create developmental golf opportunities in the Caribbean.  In 2014, Chip joined the team at Dorado Beach Resort and Club to develop the top instructional program and facilities in the Caribbean. Chip finds it especially rewarding developing elite junior players for collegiate and professional opportunities. On a daily basis he demonstrates his passion to assist golfers of all skill levels improve, enjoy, and enhance their lives through golf.

Sasha Medina

Sasha Medina

Lead Instructor

Sasha Medina's successful career as a competitive player began in her hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico, winning multiple Island and Caribbean Championships both as a junior and amateur.  She was recruited and attended New Mexico State University winning multiple individual titles and conference championships as an NCAA All-American.  After graduating in 2002 with a B.S. in Professional Golf Management, she competed on the LPGA Futures Tour until 2010.  Sasha worked directly with Chip Koehlke as her coach for six of her years on tour.  She has learned first-hand this philosophy, training techniques and processes for player development.  Since 2010, she has been an instructor and coach, working to perfect her coaching skills and knowledge developing players.  Sasha is Titleist Performance Institute Certified allowing her to perform extensive physical screening and prescribe functional training exercises to improve our client's flexibility and stability.  Sasha's enthusiasm and extensive experience at all levels of competition and her first-hand knowledge of technical development, tactical strategy, physical conditioning, nutrition, and sports psychology make her a well-rounded coach for students at all levels.