How do you want to spend your time in the pursuit of happiness?
Come experience Dorado Beach.

Welcome to Life Time

The time for adventure. The time with your family. The time of your life.  All in a place where the extraordinary is discovered each sun-drenched day, and life becomes an unforced rhythm of your choosing. A vast array of world-class experiences, amenities and service await your beck and call, should you choose to venture from the comfort of your oceanside or golfside residence. This place of exotic natural beauty and constant temperate climate seems far away, yet only hours away by air. This is Dorado Beach - the new place to stay, for life.

Featured Real Estate Offerings

The Ritz-Carlton East Beach Residences

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve
East Beach Villas

5-Bedroom Luxury Beachfront Residences from $10 million

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The Ritz-Carlton West Beach Residences

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve
West Beach Residences

2-4 Bedroom Luxury Beachfront Condominiums from $3 million

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Dorado Beach Estates

Dorado Beach

4-6 Bedroom Luxury Homes from $1.2 million

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Plantation Resort Residences

Resort Residences

3-Bedroom Luxury Golf Course Condominiums from $1 million

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