A World of Discovery and Play

  • Rockefeller Nature Trail to Beach

    Rockefeller Nature Trail to Beach

  • Rockefeller Nature Trail

    Rockefeller Nature Trail

  • Livingston Park and Pool

    Livingston Park and Pool

Often referred to as the "Great Park" by Laurance Rockefeller, Dorado Beach is the ideal place to take in nature's exquisite beauty. With miles of trails shaded by lush tropical foliage and numerous outdoor places to picnic, explore or just relax, every day is a new day for your family to connect, discover and play.

Rockefeller Nature Trail 

A favorite of owners and guests since the resort's opening, the historic Rockefeller Nature Trail is a walkable, open-air sanctuary from land to sea. From your door, explore the vast 11-mile trail throughout our Caribbean eco resort, winding through forests, past fairways and along the soft beaches and secret coves, to eventually return you home. Along the way, you'll be captivated by the unusual and exotic birds, creatures, trees and plants. Whether walking, jogging, biking or riding in your own golf cart, there's no better way to immerse in the drama and diversity of Dorado Beach.

Livingston Park

Livingston Park is a family fun park located on the historic airstrip used decades ago by Clara Livingston. The park is naturally aviation-themed and is designed for a relaxing and fun family gatherings. The park features a playground with climb-on airplanes, basketball court, barbecue spaces and a large, runway-themed covered plaza surrounded by lush gardens. Amenities also include a custom water park with bridges, slides and water features, as well as kid-powered ferries.

Ambassadors of the Environment Program

Experience the hands-on eco-adventures program introducing travelers to Puerto Rico's extraordinary natural wonders and culture with the Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ambassadors of the Environment program. The Ambassadors program provides innovative, hands-on eco-adventures for explorers of all ages, using the eco-friendly Dorado Beach resort as a classroom to learn how to protect fragile coastal environments.

Watermill Aquatic Park

Watermill Aquatic Adventure Park

Enter the Watermill and immerse yourself in the adventures of a $12 million aquatic playground fashioned after a traditional Puerto Rican sugar mill. Test your bravery on exhilarating water slides. Tackle the long and winding lazy river, cooled by cascades of invigorating water, or attend a memorable Club event as choreographed fountains and live music light up the night.